Our Products & Solutions

Extreme Strength

Switch from 3 to 2-ply without compromising bag strength.

Clean Environment

No dust, no waste; Cleaner sacks and work environment.

High Performance

Superior quality sacks optimised for high-speed filling process.

Easy Handling

Efficient to handle, palletise, store and transport.

Our products cater mainly to strategic industries such as cement, building materials, calcium carbonate, chemical, food, hydrated lime and a host of industries that require industrial-strength, high-quality paper sacks as a packaging medium.

To ensure that our products are safe, robust and durable, Quality and Excellence steers our manufacturing processes. We produce to the highest quality standards at the lowest production cost, always passing on the benefits of competitive pricing and cost efficiency to our customers.

Our culture of constant improvement and innovation ensures a steady pipeline of high-quality, high-performance packaging solutions that assist our customers to lower their costs, while reducing their environment footprint and maintaining a competitive edge.

Open Mouth Bags

Open Mouth Pasted Bags are made of high quality materials, closed on one side by sewing or glueing, offering reliable hygienic closure techniques. The high quality materials and types of construction offered provide a longer shelf life for your products.

  • Open mouth pinch closed;
  • Open mouth sewn
  • Open mouth pasted
Open Mouth Pasted Bottom Bag
Open Mouth Sewing Gusset Bag
Open Mouth Sewing Bag

Open Mouth Bags

Pasted Valve Bags are closed bags made of high porosity sack kraft papers, designed for high-speed filling through a valve on spout packers; flexible closure options.

  • Valved Pasted and Sewn
  • Valved Pasted;
  • Valved Sewn;
Pasted Valve Bag

Bag Diagnostics

Choosing the correct type of packaging is essential. Whether it is stacking, storing or in transit, customers want to know their packaging is capable of securely holding and moving their products. Our team will work with you in determining whether your current packaging design is best suited for your product. If you’re new to packaging our experienced sales staff can offer packaging options catered to your needs.

Contact us today to request a quote and get a multiwall industrial sack for your industry.

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