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” We strive for continuous improvement to enhance our customers’ satisfaction by providing excellent quality, services and competitively priced products with timely delivery.”

Founded in 1991, Hasrat Meranti Sdn Bhd (“Hasrat Meranti”) is a globally recognised leader in multiwall industrial paper sack packaging solutions and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia-listed KYM Holdings Bhd. We aim to be a manufacturer of cutting-edge packaging products and services that help our customers achieve cost efficiency and excellence while contributing to Malaysia’s push towards more sustainable and green products.

More than 30 years of expertise

Based in Chemor town in the northern state of Perak in Peninsula Malaysia, Hasrat Meranti has nearly three decades of experience in producing multiwall industrial paper sacks to promote a sustainable future.

Hasrat Meranti has three plants, two of which are located in Chemor and the other at Tapah Road, also in Perak state.


Supersized Plant


Expert Staff

Our Plant Certification

Innovate for Sustainability

By being thoroughly committed to innovation, technology, human capital and sustainable development, we aim to be critical enablers to an environment in which businesses thrive and communities are enriched.

Innovation plays a vital role in our growth. We constantly find new ways to increase the efficiency of our business to improve profitability. We invest heavily on innovative technology and machinery as it leads to production efficiency and an increase in product quality.

Extreme Strength

Unmatched Expertise

Eco-Friendly Sacks

Qualified Staff

Our Strategy

Quality at Our Core

With an attention to quality that starts right from the sourcing of raw materials all the way to the finished product, we have always taken great pride in the knowledge that our products are 100% safe, durable and robust.

Our main raw material, sack kraft papersare certified under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (“PEFC”) or the Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”). Both PEFC and FSC provide certification of forests that are managed sustainably.

In our plants, international quality certifications anchor and support our manufacturing processes, while our trained personnel keep a close eye on the entire production line. Our industry-leading standards include ISO 9001:2015 BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems for our manufacturing and printing of multi-wall paper sacks.


We use reliable and cutting-edge production equipment from Windmoller&Holscher (W&H), a leading global manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery and systems renowned for their innovation, durability and state-of-the-art products.

With the state-of-the art machines, we increased raw material efficiency for multiwall industrial paper sacks i.e. minimise scrap and deliver the required lower basis-weight without compromising bag strength.


We develop innovative packaging solutions and assist customers in maintaining their competitive advantage with high-performance products and in cost-effective way. Our innovation also helps customers to improve sustainability work.

The strength of our bags help generate a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment for our customers and higher efficiency in handling and transportation.

We continue to work with key suppliers to continue to innovate our products to better serve our existing customers as well to develop new customers.


Human Capital

With our people at the centre of all that we do, we fully embrace human capital development at Hasrat Meranti.

Our people are fully armed with the knowledge to keep abreast of ever-evolving technology and consumer expectations by constantly being trained and sent for development programmes.

We continuously focus on up skilling our people and implement more socially responsible measures such as waste reduction and create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

We are proud to say that Malaysian talent leads our company, taking Hasrat Meranti to new markets and frontiers while always taking on and overcoming fresh challenges.

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